April 18, 2016

Minimalism is a term that has been popping up a lot in my daily life, I try to apply it on many different platforms. From simplifying my wardrobe to streamlining my beauty routine, less is definitely more. This has led to me having  a small set of high power products that work really well for me.

Under five products every morning and I leave the house fresh faced and ready to face the day. These are my key makeup items for any girl that doesn’t like wearing a lot of makeup.

Bobbi Brown brow pencil (blonde) – A very simple, straight to the point eyebrow pencil. I’ve tried working with waxy pencils or gel formulas but I like the subtle effect this pencil brings to my already pretty full brows. I lightly use this on the front of my brow and fill in any tiny gaps I might have and it lasts all days but never looks fake or drawn on.

Pupa Milano Vamp Mascara – This mascara is a godsend. It coats your lashes in thick intense black, separates them, volumises them and lengthens them. Think bombshell lashes in just one coat. The brush on this mascara is the absolute best, soft fibers that are a little shorter in the middle, allowing you to reach even the shortest of eyelashes. Whenever I run out of this baby I just use the brush of the Vamp mascara in another mascara formulation, but they never really measure up to the results of the original.

Clarins Instant Concealer – Raved about by many bloggers, this really is a winner. I was doubting whether I should put this one or the NARS creamy concealer in this list as they’re pretty much on par in my book. But where the Clarins concealer lacks in the longevity it makes up in hydration. This concealer will have me looking fresh faced longer as the NARS concealer is really hardcore but can sometimes leave me looking a little chalky underneath the eyes.

I love how lightweight the Clarins Instant concealer is, it brightens dark circles and leaves you looking awake and refreshed, an effect I often need (especially on Mondays). The only downside to this one is the limited shade range, which makes finding your match a lot trickier for most people.

Last but not least is the RMS Beauty Living Luminizer. This baby is probably famous enough to be labeled a cult classic. This highlighter is oil based, but not the usual (slippery and cheap) petroleum oil. The woman behind RMS chose castor and coconut oil, so it’s even good for your skin. I take this from my outer brow to my cheekbone, making a kind of mirrored checkmark.

These items provide me with my favorite no makeup makeup look nearly every day. What are your favorite makeup products, and do you think there are any products I should check out?

  1. Interesting picks - I've not used any of them, that highlighter looks lovely though. I'd have to add in a blusher to my minimal make up look though I think!

    Faye x
    i wish i could wink

  2. I love the Clarins concealer - It was one of my most used concealers last year x