May 15, 2016

What to do on a lazy Sunday during Pentecost? Me and the mister went exploring again, this time in my mother's hometown Deventer. Just ten minutes away from our current place of life lies this city. It's actually smaller than my hometown but is in most ways a lot more developed than Apeldoorn. Deventer was an important trade city back in the day and kept a lot more of its history where the rulers of my city flattened out a lot of facades and decided to modernise rather than keep history alive.

We took a stroll around the Bergkwartier, a set of winding streets on hill. These streets are usually filled with tons of people checking out the little boutiques, but because it being Sunday and Pentecost at that it was really quite quiet. It was actually really nice to get a chance to check out the buildings instead of going inside. We had some lunch at a place called St. Tropez Gastrolounge. It looked really pretty and cozy and the food was great too!

We went to an up and coming area of Deventer called the Havenkwartier as well. I remember visiting this city a lot when I was younger and my grandparents who lived there were still alive. This part of town was definitely not as hip and cool back then. But now it's filled with charming concept restaurants, the first food hall in the east of the Netherlands and plenty of cultural establishments to keep every hip person happy. We had actually wanted to go to the food hall here but since it was Pentecost they were hosting a special event that needed a reservation, so better luck next time! We'll definitely be going back soon to check out all the great food I have been hearing about.

The mister is currently chilling on the sofa watching Sons of Anarchy (yeah we're late to that party) while I'm writing up this post. Later tonight we're heading out with family for a nice dinner and then the weekend will already be over. The days really do fly past, don't they?

What have you been up to this weekend?