May 01, 2016

Another week, another day date, my favourite kind. This week we decided to stay a little closer to home as we were both tired after all of the King's Day and Night madness, which we spent on the pier in The Hague with some of my favourite people in the world. The weather has been absolutely horrid the last week but on Saturday the showers finally stopped and we even got a few precious hours of sun. Could Spring finally be here? So we took a little road trip to Arnhem. 

Just thirty minutes by car from our city the world seems completely different. There is a lot more history in Arnhem, especially in the architecture. Think cool warehouses with gorgeous concept stores and little cafes for the tastiest lunches. I really love the cobblestone streets and little boutiques. The newly renovated central station is a sight as well, the gorgeous lines and abundance of light falling into the structure are truly magnificent. Worth a look even if you're not heading somewhere using public transport. 

Since we hadn't originally planned to go to another city, so we just kind of wandered around window shopping and looking for a place to eat. We ended up having a delicious lunch at a darling spot called CafĂ© Verheyden. It's located in an old warehouse and has a gorgeous outdoor garden. It was still a bit too chilly to eat outside, but this would definitely be my preference for a next visit.

But my favourite part of the day was no doubt checking out some interior and lifestyle stores to get some inspiration for our next big project, finding a little place for the two of us to rent.

We're both moving out of our parents' nests to our very first apartment, which is very exciting, but extremely stressful. We need to get so many things. We're not going to start looking for places until after our summer holiday but we thought it would be a good idea to begin collecting some smaller necessary bits and keep the big decisions like furniture for when we actually have a space to put them in. Expect to see some home inspiration posts more frequently now that we've started this project!

The weekend is nearly over and for tonight I have plans to meet some friends at the movie theatre to see Louis Theroux's My Scientology Movie. I'm a big fan of Theroux's work and Scientology has always been a subject that piqued my interest. I'll update soon to tell you what I thought of it. 

How have you spent your weekend? Oh and if you're Dutch, how did you spend King's Day?

  1. Hi Kelly!
    I'm not Dutch but I really like reading recommendations on places to visit outside the usual places that tourists think of. I hope you had a great King's day and it seems you had. I wish you good luck on your project, that's a big change in your lives and a hope you'll spend amazing days in the new flat (once you find it). It must be very exciting! And I love interior posts and home inspiration posts. I think Pinterest is the best source in this field :)


  2. I've spent my weekend working lol It's unfortunate but necessary. Your pictures are amazing! Thanks for sharing

  3. Not Dutch, but i love people who enjoy every moment of there life. Looks that you had a nice week-end. And don't worry you will get everything you will need in the time :) .

  4. Loved this post! My last weekend went at work & this weekend is going to be filled with some lovely wedding stuff.

    <3: Jasmin N |

  5. Congratulations on getting a little home of your own! The shopping and decorating and planning is so much fun
    Beautiful pictures as well!

    Nellwyn |

  6. Congrats on getting your own home!! That's the best achievement. xx

  7. I have been having a long weekend now - love it! I was actually once for Queen's day (I think it was the last one?) 3 years ago and it was INSANE compared to Amsterdam on a normal day, let's say :D

  8. Amazing photos! I had such a nice weekend attending a cooking school which was really fun!