May 29, 2016

Another week, another city. We decided on a little throwback this time when we visited Zwolle, the city where we both went to college. It was quite fun to wander the streets with a more mature eye. Getting cheap ice cream and sitting in the grass with a bag of crisps have been replaced by tasty lunches and premium gelato. We're really not that fancy, we just love good food.

Our lunch was eaten at Brasserie Jansen. This place has such a lovely interior but we didn't see too much of it because it was warm enough to eat out on the terrace. The terrace faces the Nieuwe Markt, a beautiful green square nestled in between old churches. It's just away from the madness of the main shopping street so a lovely place if you just want to sit and eat while watching the people go by. 

Of course the weekend isn't the weekend without a little bit of shopping, but I'm quite pleased to say that I wasn't the one buying the most things this time. The mister and I took some time for him to try things he normally doesn't purchase. We're slowly but surely developing his style a little further beyond skinny jeans and a t-shirt and that makes me a very happy girl.

We finished off the day with some delicious ice cream from Salute. The line outside of this shop was a little crazy so we were pretty sure it had to be good. There was some kind of special event happening in town and there were all these street bands performing, which really didn't make the wait that terrible. We walked by the water enjoying our cold and sweet treats. I wish every weekend was like this. Slow and sweet and heated by the sun overhead.

Next week we're going to a special event in Arnhem, so I'm already looking around trying to find a nice place for lunch or dinner. What were you up to this weekend?
  1. ooohhh looks like a great weekend for you!
    thanks for sharing these pictures :)

    Have a great day!
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