June 06, 2016

I'm pretty sceptical when it comes to beauty gadgets. Years ago when I was a teenager and the Clarisonic first started showing up on the beauty radar I remember wanting it so bad. I honestly believed that the cleansing tool would be the answer to all of my skin problems. But I never had the budget to purchase one. I tried some other items that were inspired by the Clarisonic but never really got into it. I just found them too abrasive for my sensitive, dry skin. 

Enter me casually watching Kate's snapchat, as I do every day, and I see her talking about a little skin care device that she has been using for a while and it intrigues me. Then a couple days later I see her using it in her morning skin care routine and it intrigues me more. But initially I'm put off by the price and my scepticism comes back. Cue to about two weeks later, it never really left my mind and I'm at my specialist for a (much needed) eyebrow wax. I spy the hot pink Foreo Luna sitting on her little table of tools and I ask her opinion on it. She absolutely raves about it and even goes as far as using it on me to demonstrate how nice your skin feels after. At this point I'm pretty much sold, I need to try this thing for myself. The price still kind of put me off but my mum presented me with a gift certificate for taking care of the house while they were away on holiday, so I dove right in and bought myself the Foreo Luna Mini 2

This is a little waterproof cleansing device that is just a tad bit bigger than a cotton pad. You apply your cleanser to your skin, wet the device, turn it on and massage it all over your face for the duration of one minute. It uses sonic technology (like the Clarisonic, but without the abrasive bristles) to deeply cleanse your skin.

I want to give a detailed in-depth review when I've been using it for a longer time, but the results I've got in just one week of usage are too amazing to not talk about it before that. In the week of using this twice-daily my skin has cleared up, the size of my pores has diminished and skin care products are absorbed so much easier. I wake up with plump, radiant skin, something I've always wanted. Plus it only takes a minute! The sensation of the device vibrating is kind of strange at first but you quickly get used to it. It's quite addictive to use it, to be honest. 

They come in a bunch of different colours and I was really doubting between the baby pink and the black but decided on the black in the end. Mainly because the baby pink wasn't in stock and I didn't really want to wait a few more days to start using it. Also because I hope the mister will eventually use it when we share a bathroom sink and he's probably less offended by a beauty product that's black rather than pink. Oh the things we do for our significant others. 

I'll let you guys know how I get on with it as I'm using it longer and if I notice any other effects on my skin as my usage progresses. For now I can say I'm really quite pleased with the effects of this thing. Even though at first, I kind of thought it was a sex toy.

  1. Hi Kelly!
    Good to know that this cute little tool has worked so well on you. I've had the Clarisonic for two years using it on and off for some time...I still haven't decided if I like it or not. I couldn't see any visible improvement to be honest, beside having softer skin after using it. I don't think I will invest in any of these tools soon, I will focus on skincare products instead. :)


    1. Hi Silvia,

      Thanks for the comment! I really do love this thing, my pores are so much cleaner and smaller since I've been using it. Shame the Clarisonic didn't work for you, I too feel like it will be too abrasive for my skin.

      I'm still fine tuning the products I'm using and reading your blog on that subject a lot!