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July 28, 2016

Ah, sometimes taking a break is exactly what you need. I've been feeling the 'blogger's block' for a while now, so instead of grinding out posts that I don't put my heart into I decided to take a step back, observe and watch as the puzzle pieces fall into place. It's also been really nice to enjoy the great weather with my friends and boyfriend. During the dog days of Dutch summer there have been several items that kept popping up for me as favourites. 

It seemed a little strange showing you my undergarments, but I have to sing the praises of this glorious bralet. I've wanted one for ages but never was able to find one that worked for my width and cup size, but this one does. I don't think I'll ever enjoy wearing underwire bras again. This bra is incredibly comfortable plus the combination of sheer fabric and lace make it super cute. 

There is something you need to know about Dutch summers. They're very humid and generally don't make you feel great. If I had bullocks I would be sweating them off. And as the air conditioning at my job doesn't really function the way it should I often feel like a sweaty shiney mess. Now that's the kind of glow a girl doesn't want, right? I like spritzing my face every once in a while because it makes you feel cleaner and the sensation seems to cool me down a little. I often toss a random one into my bag, but this one from La Roche Posay matched the flatlay nicely, so it's the one that got featured. 

With the added sweat (so glamorous, I know) I feel like my skin needs an extra bit of love, but I don't enjoy masks that I can put on leave on for a couple minutes and then rinse. No twenty plus minute waits for me. This Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque from Aesop is perfect. It smells like a spa, does a great job at clearing up my skin and never leaves my skin feeling tight or uncomfortable. I couldn't recommend this one enough.

The phone actually represents two of my favourites. First of all this lovely new case I ordered from Ali Express. I have a soft spot for anything with an eye print on it, so when I saw this pop up on the app I couldn't keep myself from ordering it. The second favourite is the much discussed new game 'Pokemon Go'. I grew up playing the games on my old brick of a Gameboy and now I can play it in real life. It's so funny to see people walking all over town with their nose in their phones looking for the virtual creatures I grew up with. I've caught quite a few myself already and can't wait to do some more exploring. I really want to catch 'em all! 

Every once in a while I go through a style shift. Right now I am all about classing up my wardrobe and having a more mature set of clothes. I saw these white oxfords on the ModeMusthaves site and really thought I could make them work for summer. I've been wearing them a lot, with a jumpsuit, skirts or even a nice coloured trouser. I love how they add a nice chic edge to your look, whatever you wear. I used the hairdryer trick on them to break them in the second I got them, because shoes like this always take forever to break in naturally. 

That's it, my current favourites all about summer. What items have you been reaching for more now that temperatures are reaching their highest point?


July 09, 2016

Bomber: Zara | Top: Unknown | Shorts: Cheap Monday (DIY) | Bag: Zara | Shoes: Adidas

I wore this lightweight bomber jacket to dinner in Dubrovnik the other day. I spied it in the sale before I went on holiday and initially decided against picking it up because let's be honest I really didn't need another jacket hanging in my closet. But I couldn't get it out of my head so I went back after the weekend and luckily it was still there. 

The pictured outfit is super simple but it has to be one of my favourite outfits I've worn on this holiday as of yet. It's my usual casual style mixed in with a little sass in the form of the bomber jacket. It gives it a little bit of a sporty vibe. I used to be pretty self conscious about the shape of my body, but I feel like I have grown as a person and now I celebrate my curves. They're what make me real, I won't hide or edit them.

Also, I can't believe how light my hair is getting out here in the sun. I might even take it a step further and become a full on blonde when I return..


July 08, 2016

I'm very happy to report that I'm typing up this post out on the balcony of our Airbnb, nose turned towards the sun and an abundance of freckles spread all over my cheeks. It's early in the morning and like always I am not capable of sleeping in when I'm not in my own bed. So I decided to sit down and edit some of the photos I have snapped since arriving in sunny Dubrovnik.

We arrived on Tuesday afternoon and settled into our apartment, completely knackered from our journey (my body doesn't deal well with getting up before 5 am). We decided against going out into Old Town that night and instead chose a small restaurant that was incredibly close to our place. Most of the restaurants serve a lot of seafood fresh from the sea, absolutely delicious.

The second day we explored the ancient old city, walked the city walls in the blistering heat, had more delicious food but went back to the apartment for a night in and I cooked up a little dinner myself which we enjoyed out on the balcony before the boyfriend watched the European cup semi finals, boys will be boys. Not like I minded, I was incredibly tired and in need of some rest.

On the third day we ticked off a few boxes of our must see list, the Dubrovnik cable car and swimming at the cliff side Buza bar. The cable car took us up incredibly quickly, providing us with stunning views of the city and its ports. We enjoyed a lovely sandwich and a wonderful cocktail at the panorama restaurant. You're really going to pay for it there, but my oh my those views were too wonderful to pass up. As far as the swimming goes at Buza, it was a little crowded but down on the rocks it was lovely. There were people jumping off the cliffs into the water. While it looked exciting I would never do that because I'm the biggest klutz and I would surely slip and break my neck.

We leave next Friday and we still have so much on the list of things we want to do and see, so you can expect many more pictures of this beautiful city and its surrounding islands.


July 05, 2016

By the time you're reading this I'm flying at about 35000 ft high across Europe, I'm on my way to Dubrovnik, Croatia for a marvellous ten days in the sun. We've rented an airbnb with a breathtaking view and I can guarantee many a cocktail will be consumed. This time around I have put a lot of thought and preparation into packing (I have about ten versions of checklists sitting in a folder on my laptop) and thought I would share what I am packing inside my hand luggage. But let's be honest about it, I just really wanted to do some more flatlays.


The flight from Amsterdam to Dubrovnik isn't incredibly long, so there is no need for me to bring a lot of skincare products to preserve my already dry skin during the flight. I've decided on just a refreshing mist and normally I would decant a little of the Origins Drink Up Intensive mask to bring along with me, but I still had tons of samples lying around from my recent visit to Kiehl's that I didn't want to fuss and just tossed that little sachet into my bag. I'll apply this after takeoff to make sure my skin stays nice and hydrated even in the dry cabin air. Do us girls really go anywhere without a lip balm chucked into our bag? I don't think so, so of course that is making an appearance in my hand luggage as well. 

I'll be going onto the plane without any makeup on (it's an early morning flight) but I am planning to apply a little once we get to our final destination, so just a lash curler and a good mascara will suffice. I've packed the compact powder mostly for it's mirror but perhaps I'll use just a light sweep of it to even my skintone just a smidge.

I've also packed my iPad for in-flight entertainment (I'll tell you all about the books I am reading soon) and my phone is permanently glued to my hand so you can be sure I'm bringing that. I've stopped drinking soda and snacking on sweets or crisps but do occasionally get peckish, especially when travelling. I love these little bags of assorted nuts, they're incredibly tasty and filling but without the sodium that will make you thirsty. Airplane peanuts step aside, I've got my own snacks.

Besides the usual travel necessities like passports and tickets I like to carry a small sized notebook with me, you never know when inspiration strikes or you find something you want to jot down. Summer has been pretty non-existent the last month in the Netherlands but I'll surely be needing my sunglasses upon arrival, these gold ones from Ray Ban are my absolute fave. These unfortunately aren't prescription so let's hope I won't have to do any navigating because when I wear them I can't discern anything!

I can't wait to live the adventures we have planned for this trip. Are you going away this summer? Or what is your favourite travel destination