July 08, 2016

I'm very happy to report that I'm typing up this post out on the balcony of our Airbnb, nose turned towards the sun and an abundance of freckles spread all over my cheeks. It's early in the morning and like always I am not capable of sleeping in when I'm not in my own bed. So I decided to sit down and edit some of the photos I have snapped since arriving in sunny Dubrovnik.

We arrived on Tuesday afternoon and settled into our apartment, completely knackered from our journey (my body doesn't deal well with getting up before 5 am). We decided against going out into Old Town that night and instead chose a small restaurant that was incredibly close to our place. Most of the restaurants serve a lot of seafood fresh from the sea, absolutely delicious.

The second day we explored the ancient old city, walked the city walls in the blistering heat, had more delicious food but went back to the apartment for a night in and I cooked up a little dinner myself which we enjoyed out on the balcony before the boyfriend watched the European cup semi finals, boys will be boys. Not like I minded, I was incredibly tired and in need of some rest.

On the third day we ticked off a few boxes of our must see list, the Dubrovnik cable car and swimming at the cliff side Buza bar. The cable car took us up incredibly quickly, providing us with stunning views of the city and its ports. We enjoyed a lovely sandwich and a wonderful cocktail at the panorama restaurant. You're really going to pay for it there, but my oh my those views were too wonderful to pass up. As far as the swimming goes at Buza, it was a little crowded but down on the rocks it was lovely. There were people jumping off the cliffs into the water. While it looked exciting I would never do that because I'm the biggest klutz and I would surely slip and break my neck.

We leave next Friday and we still have so much on the list of things we want to do and see, so you can expect many more pictures of this beautiful city and its surrounding islands.
  1. Look amazing, I would love to visit there. xx


  2. These photos are literal perfection! Looks so awesome, I hope you have an amazing time!!

  3. Your photos are stunning!! I would love to visit someday soon.

  4. Amazing photos and great post! I've been dying to go here because it's such a beautiful place X

  5. I so enjoyed your photos!!! Looks like a wonderful trip! I would love to get there someday!!! A few of the photos remind me of the Amalfi Coast a bit, I lived near there for a few years.

  6. These photos are giving me life! Croatia has always been on my bucket list and now I can add Dubrovnik to the list of cities I must visit! :)