July 09, 2016

Bomber: Zara | Top: Unknown | Shorts: Cheap Monday (DIY) | Bag: Zara | Shoes: Adidas

I wore this lightweight bomber jacket to dinner in Dubrovnik the other day. I spied it in the sale before I went on holiday and initially decided against picking it up because let's be honest I really didn't need another jacket hanging in my closet. But I couldn't get it out of my head so I went back after the weekend and luckily it was still there. 

The pictured outfit is super simple but it has to be one of my favourite outfits I've worn on this holiday as of yet. It's my usual casual style mixed in with a little sass in the form of the bomber jacket. It gives it a little bit of a sporty vibe. I used to be pretty self conscious about the shape of my body, but I feel like I have grown as a person and now I celebrate my curves. They're what make me real, I won't hide or edit them.

Also, I can't believe how light my hair is getting out here in the sun. I might even take it a step further and become a full on blonde when I return..

10 comments on "STYLE DIARY: GIVE ME A BREAK"
  1. AMAGAD.
    Definitely going to have to get this jacket - I'm loving the bomber trend recently as so many styles are popping up that are amazing xo

    1. It's great, right?! Aaand it's on sale as well!

  2. We love this look ! So awesome keep it up ;)

    Double Libra

  3. That jacket looks fantastic! Oh my, was there any other colors?

    ♥: Jasmin N
    Little Things With Jassy

  4. You're definitely giving me jacket envy! I never really wear jackets myself, but I might just have to change that. Loving your bag by the way. A nice pop of color!


  5. I need this jacket in my life!!

  6. One of the item on my lust list this Summer is bomber jacket. Your jacket is cool!

  7. LOVE that jacket girl! And where you took the photos too is gorgeous!

  8. Loving this jacket! I could just point at the words on the jacket to pepole instead of saying it 😄 ree love30