July 28, 2016

Ah, sometimes taking a break is exactly what you need. I've been feeling the 'blogger's block' for a while now, so instead of grinding out posts that I don't put my heart into I decided to take a step back, observe and watch as the puzzle pieces fall into place. It's also been really nice to enjoy the great weather with my friends and boyfriend. During the dog days of Dutch summer there have been several items that kept popping up for me as favourites. 

It seemed a little strange showing you my undergarments, but I have to sing the praises of this glorious bralet. I've wanted one for ages but never was able to find one that worked for my width and cup size, but this one does. I don't think I'll ever enjoy wearing underwire bras again. This bra is incredibly comfortable plus the combination of sheer fabric and lace make it super cute. 

There is something you need to know about Dutch summers. They're very humid and generally don't make you feel great. If I had bullocks I would be sweating them off. And as the air conditioning at my job doesn't really function the way it should I often feel like a sweaty shiney mess. Now that's the kind of glow a girl doesn't want, right? I like spritzing my face every once in a while because it makes you feel cleaner and the sensation seems to cool me down a little. I often toss a random one into my bag, but this one from La Roche Posay matched the flatlay nicely, so it's the one that got featured. 

With the added sweat (so glamorous, I know) I feel like my skin needs an extra bit of love, but I don't enjoy masks that I can put on leave on for a couple minutes and then rinse. No twenty plus minute waits for me. This Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque from Aesop is perfect. It smells like a spa, does a great job at clearing up my skin and never leaves my skin feeling tight or uncomfortable. I couldn't recommend this one enough.

The phone actually represents two of my favourites. First of all this lovely new case I ordered from Ali Express. I have a soft spot for anything with an eye print on it, so when I saw this pop up on the app I couldn't keep myself from ordering it. The second favourite is the much discussed new game 'Pokemon Go'. I grew up playing the games on my old brick of a Gameboy and now I can play it in real life. It's so funny to see people walking all over town with their nose in their phones looking for the virtual creatures I grew up with. I've caught quite a few myself already and can't wait to do some more exploring. I really want to catch 'em all! 

Every once in a while I go through a style shift. Right now I am all about classing up my wardrobe and having a more mature set of clothes. I saw these white oxfords on the ModeMusthaves site and really thought I could make them work for summer. I've been wearing them a lot, with a jumpsuit, skirts or even a nice coloured trouser. I love how they add a nice chic edge to your look, whatever you wear. I used the hairdryer trick on them to break them in the second I got them, because shoes like this always take forever to break in naturally. 

That's it, my current favourites all about summer. What items have you been reaching for more now that temperatures are reaching their highest point?

2 comments on "SUMMER FAVOURITES"
  1. The summer in the UK is very similar - sticky heat is awful and I seem to spend 90% of my time sweating! I am in love with those Oxfords as well. They look like EXACTLY the shoes I've been looking for this summer and oh my god I need them.

    Steph -