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August 22, 2016

SHIRT: Primark | TROUSERS: H&M | BAG: Zara | SHOES: Asos

Has anyone ever told you how hard it is to look charming in photographs while the wind is blowing your hair everywhere and the sun is in your eyes? No? Well they should have, it took a lot of filtering and these are the best shots I could find in the pictures lovingly taken by the boyfriend when we visited Wijk Aan Zee last weekend.

This outfit combo was mostly chosen because these pants are ridiculously light and comfortable to wear all day. I've had them for ages, had actually given them to my mother because they didn't quite fit nicely anymore, but somehow they fit again and I thought they would go perfectly with this white graphic Nasa t-shirt. I've been seeing this print everywhere and I love it.

On my shoulder I have a beautiful navy crossbody bag from Zara. The crushed velvet is on trend for the new season and I couldn't be happier, I'm such a fan of this fabric. This trend might even mean I get to take out my black velvet suit, keep your eyes peeled for that!

The silver metallic shoes are one of my favourite items in my closet and I don't nearly wear them enough. They're so cool and they add an edge of interest to even the most basic of outfits. They're starting to show a little wear and tear, which makes me sad because I don't think I ever want to part with these babies.

What's your favourite item for the coming season? And what do you think of the crushed velvet trend?


August 20, 2016

We're rapidly speeding towards the end of summers. A little more than a week from now most of us will be headed back to college or university, leaving the carefree days in the past and buckling down to our responsibilities. I'm actually kind of excited about school starting again. I'll be starting a new education and am quite curious to see what the year is going to offer me.

To put off the inevitable and find a way to spend our Saturday doing something else than lying around the house watching Grey's Anatomy, the boyfriend and I took a (loooooong) road trip to Wijk Aan Zee. This tiny village has one of the prettiest beaches in the Netherlands that aren't as overcrowded as the larger ones in The Hague. As you can see it's a really popular spot for wind-surfers and kite-boarders. The weather wasn't that great that we could lie out and sunbathe, but we could sit down at one of the beach bars and enjoy the sunshine and wind in our hair as we sipped on rosé wine.

The days where we just sit around and watch the people going by are high up on my list of favourite type of days. I don't necessarily need to have tons of activities when I'm out and about.

Towards the end of the day we headed to the beach club next door for dinner, a spot that my boyfriend had raved about before. The atmosphere was really chill and I really enjoyed watching the people wander in in their wetsuits ordering beers and chips and heading back to the beach to catch some more waves.

I had a lovely chicken and pumpkin curry that was incredibly filling and delicious. As the sun was making it's way back into the sea we walked back to the car through the dunes, all the while catching some Pokémon (yes, we're those kind of people) and chatting. On the highway going back home the sky turned a dark threatening shade and rain started to fall furiously, but we didn't mind, because our perfect day had already finished. So now for the rest of the night, and probably tomorrow too, we're spending time together at home. We've got to savour these last days of summer because it's back to hectic reality before we know it.

What have you been up to this weekend?


August 01, 2016

I'll be the first to admit that I spend an exorbitant amount of my income on clothing and beauty items that I don't need. Probably a little too much to be honest. Scratch the probably, because it's a definitely. That's something I want to change. Being financially fit and stable is important, especially if you're like me and you're preparing to move out from under your parental wings sooner rather than later.

To ween myself off of this spending habit I have decided to place myself under a strict spending ban. Starting today going to up October 1st I am not allowed to spend any money on clothing, accessories and beauty items. I'm setting budgets for 'entertainment expenses' for the events that I had already planned for the months to come and necessary expenses (school supplies are needed to start the new year) so that I can keep track of what is coming in and going out of my account. I need to get a grip on budgets and not just keep going and going until my card says no. 

I think that by not spending anything on fashion and beauty for a month I can save quite bit of cash that I can then put towards my savings account. Plus it will be a great chance to 'shop my closet' and finish the abundance of makeup I have lying around untouched. I'm looking forward to diving into my closet and coming up with new ways to interpret what I already have on the shelves. 

I'll try to update you bi-weekly on how my personal challenge is going. I'm quite excited and nervous at the same time because now I have to really think about my actions all the time. It's quite shocking to realise how many times a day I think 'I want this, I think I could get it there and there'. Wish me luck this time around! How do you guys curb your spending?