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September 23, 2016

While I need more days in the weekend, money on the bank and cups of coffee in the morning, something I don't need, is more tiny bags. But that doesn't stop me from getting them, does it? I have a weakness for micro bags and can't stop swiping my card for them. They are just so adorable and it really helps you streamline what you bring on a daily basis. I'm really grasping for

I came across this cute little bug (see what I did there?) in Zara when I was looking for an outfit to wear to the Doctor Martens store opening in Utrecht earlier this week. It ticked all my boxes. Cute, a colour that goes well with my usual palette, interesting detail and positively tiny. While you can't fit much more than a phone, your keys and card holder into it, it's such a little beauty.

It comes with a fine gold coloured chain and the little insect detail is gold as well. The bright vibrant shade of red is gorgeous, I own nothing like it. Colour is lacking in my wardrobe so I've really been trying to get a little more of it through accessories and new pieces.

The price was pretty cute as well, it was only €15,95, which made me do a double take. I expected it to be so much more!

What do you think of this little cutiepie? What is your shopping weakness?


September 19, 2016
The Best Apps to Raise Your Instagram 1

The Best Apps to Raise Your Instagram

We're alive during the age of Instagram, the picture sharing app has seriously changed the media landscape. People can now be 'Instagram famous' and base entire careers off of carefully posed and edited pictures, whether they like it or not.

A well thought out and edited photo can boost your likes and engagement up to 45 percent, that's quite a lot!

Instagram used to only allow you to slap on a filter and be done with it, but have since updated with much more editing features that allow you to change the filter intensity, brightness/exposure, saturation, etcetera. But if that still isn't enough for you and you want to know something about other apps available, then keep reading for some of my favourites.

If you don't mind spending a bit of money on a great app, then the one app you should get is 'Facetune'. It's around €5 or $4 in the App Store and it has, by far, my favourite features of all the editing apps. From smoothing skin to making eyes pop, this app can do it all. But I really like it because of the 'whiten' feature. If you're wondering how your favourite crisp white Instagram feeds get their pictures that bright, this is probably it.

Another one that's really good is VSCO, this used to be used a lot to plan an Instagram feed. (So you could see how the images look together rather than just uploading random pictures. But since their makeover this feature has pretty much disappeared. But it still offers aesthetically pleasing filters that you can edit to your liking. The app also allows you to copy your edits so you can paste them onto another picture, which makes it easier to create a uniform look in your feed or series of pictures. (Snapseed is equally as good and

I'm a big fan of the 'from where I stand'-shots. But I can't tell you how many times I want to take a picture of some pretty flooring and my shoes when I see some unsightly grime on the floor below me. With the retouch app you can easily highlight the parts of the picture you want gone and it fills it in with the right surrounding colours. If you keep these highlighted areas small no one will be able to tell what it was before. Not even with Instagram's new zoom feature!

I've mentioned this one before in my 'Mastering The Instagram Flatlay'-post, but my handy little helper for those perfect 'from above' shots is Foodie. Besides the handy level helper it also has gorgeous filters catered to certain types of food. And what is Instagram without pictures of food, right?

These apps are my favourite and without them my Instagram game would be a lot worse. Now if only there was an app that made it easy to post interesting content every day..

What are your favourite photo editing apps?


September 16, 2016

Happy Friday, everyone! It’s been a while since I last sat down and took time to write things down on here. I’ve mentioned before how excited I was about going back to school, but when talking about that I seemed to have forgot how much work it is to juggle everything at once. I let this blog slip a little and it’s kind of stressing me out, kind of a paradox when you think that I use writing as an outlet that usually calms me down.

But I don’t like droning on about negative things, so instead I want to give it a positive twist as I am getting back into blogging at the moment. I'm adjusting to the changes in my life and finding new ways to do everything I want to do without having to let go of things. There are so many things to be glad and joyous about, so here are some things in my life that make me very happy.

01. Meeting new people that make me laugh on a daily basis
02. The memory of making and drinking Frosé (frozen rosé) a few weeks ago
03. Celebrating an anniversary with my partner in crime and love
04. Going to the opening of the Doctor Martens Utrecht store next week
05. Planning not one but two trips to Berlin in November
06. A gorgeous new laptop that’s going to make blogging even easier
07. The weather getting colder which makes wearing clothes that much more enjoyable
08. Pretty notebooks to scribble things in

09. The leftover pasta bake in the fridge (I'm salivating just thinking about it)
10. Learning new things at school
11. Brainstorming about new ideas for a possible YouTube channel with Alex
12. Tiny luxuries like a gorgeous new set of lingerie
13. Greek food with my partner in crime and love tonight
14. My parents on holiday in Turkey, which gives me the place all to myself
15. Cups of coffee in the morning
16. Knowing I won't have to set my alarm for two days in a row

When you stop and think about it there are so many things to be happy and positive about, aren’t there? So what are you happy about? I’d like to know!