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December 08, 2016

The difference between a complete outfit post on the blog and a picture on Instagram is the key to why the latter happens more often than the former. I still feel a little ashamed asking my company to take my camera and take a couple of pictures while I pose in the middle of the street. Posing in public is scary, okay?

But lately it's been happening a lot more, with the help of my Youtube partner Alex of course. We recently took a trip to Berlin together and the entire trip was us changing in and out of clothes to take more photos and videos, with some breaks for coffee of course. We're working hard on content for the channel, which I'll show you here sooner rather than later. 

I kind of want the cold grey days to be over, because during winter I find myself dressing the same colour palette over and over and I would really like to add a little more variety to my outfit. As much as I love fashion I'd really rather not freeze to death when my legs are out in the open. 

Do you find yourself in a fashion rut when the temperatures drop? Let me know!


December 01, 2016
December Free Wallpaper

Whenever the end of a month gets closer and closer a little tingle starts, I get excited about changing the wallpaper on my computer. I know, the littlest things I can get excited about. This month, however, I couldn't quite decide which one to choose for myself and I made quite a few.

So I thought I would share the ones I made with you! They're pretty much all themed for the holiday season, think large pine trees and golden glitter, to get you in the spirit for the upcoming holidays. I personally have the marble circle as my current wallpaper, but maybe I'll switch to something more festive as the joyous days inch closer.

Download the marble wallpaper here.

Download the pine tree wallpaper here.

Download the gold glitter wallpaper here.

Download the pink snowflake wallpaper here.

I hope someone will find some use out of these, otherwise they would just be sitting in a folder on my computer, with nothing happening to them. Let me know if you like them!